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Headlice chemical lotions

It is now possible to buy a wide range of chemical head lice and nit treatment lotions and shampoos in order to kill head lice and remove or kill nits.

The chemicals contained in head lice and nit lotions and shampoos are insecticides or poisons which are intended to kill head lice and (or) kill nits.

These insecticides, such as Permethrin, Malathion or phenothrin, can be harmful to humans if not used correctly.  

However, many have found the use of these head lice and nit treatments very effective.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Before you do buy any particular head lice lotion or shampoo, ensure you have visited the relevant website of the manufacturer or supplier and read all the information and treatment claims.


Ensure you compare facts such as the method of application, time of treatment and effective head lice removal and Nit killing claims of each manufacturer.


Some common chemical head lice and Nit treatments are: Lyclear, Full Marks Derbac-M, Prioderm and Quellada-M.

Additionally, always seek medical advice for head lice treatment for groups such as young babies (under 6 months), pregnant women, people with asthma or other known medical conditions.

Remember to always read head lice treatment instructions carefully before applying.

Unfortunately, using chemicals to treat head lice does not always work as well as the manufacturer would suggest. Many head lice are resistant to these treatments.  It has been found that a particular treatment may kill many head lice and Nits in an infestation but some will survive.

There are numerous arguments regarding effective chemical head lice and nits treatment not being successful, even after a prescribed second treatment.

It should be remembered that the repeated use of these chemicals may be harmful to an individual’s health.

Once you are aware of the details regarding the use of chemical head lice removal and treatment products, it is recommended that information is considered regarding the alternative non-chemical head lice and nits treatments or the use of wet combing.