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Wet Combing to find headlice and nits

A more effective method to find Headlice is to comb hair with a special headlice or nit comb while it is wet and preferably whilst hair conditioner is still applied. The hair conditioner makes the hair shafts slippery and the Headlice find it hard to keep a grip on the hair and are more easily removed with the comb.

Wash the hair and apply plenty of hair conditioner. Comb the hair whilst the conditioner is still applied.  The comb should be checked for head lice after each individual comb to see if any headlice are present on the comb.  Wipe the comb clean with tissue before the next comb. Continue checking the comb for head lice until all the areas of the head have been covered.

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It is easy to kill nits found by squashing with a tissue before disposal.