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Dry Combing to find headlice and nits

A special fine tooth comb called a Headlice or Nit comb can be used to comb out live and dead Head lice and Nits. These special Head lice and Nit combs can be bought from any pharmacy or drugstore.  

There are many designs of Headlice or Nit combs. They can be plastic or stainless steel with short or long fine teeth.  The basic principle is to catch the Headlice between the teeth and drag them off the hair.

Hair should be combed over a piece of white paper to enable any Nits or Headlice combed out to be spotted more easily.

The comb should be checked after each individual comb to see if any Headlice are present on the comb of on the paper.

It is easy to kill head lice found by squashing with a tissue before disposal.

There are some electronic Headlice combs which claim to electrocute and kill head lice as they are combed out.  Some of these combs also claim to kill nits by the same principle.