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How do I identify if I have head lice and Nits?

The most common first indication of a head lice infection is an itchiness of the scalp or a constant scratching of the scalp.  This symptom is caused by the bites of the head lice as they feed on the blood of the host.

Regular combing, either with dry or wet hair, should identify the presence of head lice before the symptoms become apparent.

Occasionally, a head louse may be noticed accidentally or in very severe cases, it may be nearly impossible to not to notice the infestation.

In order to effectively identify the presence of head lice for treatment look carefully at the images of adult head lice, head lice nymphs and nit eggs.  See the Head Lice images here.

Again, ensure you build up your own knowledge of head lice and nits and the treatment methods of how to get rid of head lice by exploring this site and the links provided before you decide on the best approach for you to take.