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What is the treatment for Headlice and Nits?

After the initial discovery of Head lice or Nits, and the thoughts of how, where and when the infection occurred, the main issue is finding the quickest and best way of getting rid of the head lice and nits.

There are three recognised ways of head lice and nits treatments:

Head lice chemical lotions

Head lice natural treatment

Wet combing

It is important that you inform yourself of the advantages and disadvantages of these treatments to eradicate and kill Nits and Head lice.  

Some experts argue that head lice have developed resistance to regular head lice chemical treatments, so that they are no longer effective to remove the head lice and nits.

Other experts believe that head lice resistance is a minimal problem, and failures in head lice treatment are because all the head lice and nits were not kill or removed or the treatment was not applied as per the instructions.

Remember to investigate what all groups claim about their treatments including the chemical and the non-chemical lotion manufactures.

Do not rush into any head lice or nit treatment or repeat a previously failed treatment until you have visited the relevant web site of the supplier or manufacturer and read all the information and claims made.

Relevant head lice and nit treatment web sites are listed here.

A lot of time, money and emotional energy can be wasted in combating a head lice infestation so arm yourself with as many facts as possible before you begin any treatment.