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Headlice natural or non-chemical lotions and treatments

It is now possible to buy a wide range of non-chemical or natural head lice and nit lotions and shampoos in order to kill head lice and remove or kill nits.

The term natural generally refers to the use of natural non-toxic, non-poisonous chemicals in the treatment.

These treatments to kill head lice and nits work in a variety of ways. Before you do buy any particular head lice lotion or shampoo or try any homemade methods, ensure you have visited the relevant web site of the manufacturer or supplier and read all the information and claims made about head lice and nits treatments .  

Ensure you compare each method of application, time of treatment and head lice and nits killing and removal claims of each different treatment. Links to natural head lice and nit treatments are listed here.

Additionally, even though the treatment may be natural, always seek medical advice for headlice treatment for groups such as young babies (under 6 months), pregnant women, people with asthma or other known medical conditions.

Remember to always read head lice treatment instructions carefully before applying.

Similarly, do not purchase or use a natural head lice and nit treatment product until you are aware of the other methods of removing and killing head lice and nits including the various chemical head lice and nit lotions and shampoos.

Links to relevant head lice and nit treatment web sites are listed here.

Remember, a lot of time, money and emotional energy can be wasted in combating a head lice infestation so arm yourself with as many facts as possible before you begin any treatment.