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Head lice, Nits and Treatment

Head lice and Nits are a notorious, widespread and annoying problem for individuals and families.

The Kill Nits web site  provides information about head lice and nits and gives details of  the various methods of headlice treatment including chemical treatment lotions and natural headlice remedies.

Before you embark on any course of action to kill nits and headlice, it is important that you build up your own knowledge of headlice and nits in order to treat them effectively.  This may include head lice habitat, lifecycle, reproductive cycle and feeding habits.  

Also, it is essential to be aware of the various head lice and nits treatments claiming how best to get rid of the head lice and kill nit infestation.  In this way, you can make better informed choices and not just follow  the latest trend or any old wives tale.

Explore this site and the links provided before you decide on the best approach to take to get the best treatment and kill nits and head lice.

A head louse crawling along hair.