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How to get rid of Headlice and Nits using Wet Combing.

The following instructions describe how  to use Wet Combing to remove Head lice and Nits safely, cheaply and without the use of any expensive natural or toxic chemical Head lice or Nit removal treatments.

What you need.

a special fine toothed Head lice or Nit comb

a bottle of hair conditioner

a bottle of shampoo

time and patience

What to do.

Wash your hair with a normal shampoo.

Apply plenty of hair conditioner while your hair is still wet.

Comb your hair using a special fine toothed head lice or nit comb.

Comb from the roots upwards.

Check the comb for head lice after each brush.

Remove conditioner and any head lice found using a clean tissue.

Comb your hair carefully, a small area at a time.

Use hair grips to hold sections of hair in place.

Repeat treatment every 4 days for 16 days to remove any newly hatched head lice.

Remember to check all family members for headlice and nits.