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Wet Combing headlice treatment

Wet Combing is very safe way to remove, destroy and get rid of head lice and kill nits without using chemical insecticide treatments or lotions.  It is cheap and gives effective results with some investment of time at removing head lice.

A simple head lice or nit comb and some hair conditioner is all that is required to remove the live head lice.


Remember, a lot of time, money and emotional energy can be wasted in combating and trying to get rid of a head lice infestation so arm yourself with as many facts as possible before you begin any treatment.


Make sure you are aware of the other methods of removing and

kill ing head lice and nits including the various natural and chemical head lice and nit lotions and shampoo treatments.  

Links to relevant head lice and nit treatment websites are listed here.

You may decide that Wet Combing is your preferred method of head lice removal since it is a safe, effective and cheap way to kill nits and head lice. In that case, then here are some simple instructions on how to get rid of Headlice and nits using wet combing.