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How can I find out if I have Headlice or Nits?

Once head lice or nits are suspected there are three main treatment methods of finding out if head lice and nits are present.

Dry Combing

Wet Combing

Manual search for Head lice or Nit eggs

First, make yourself aware of the appearance and size of the head lice and nits you are looking for.  

Many parents miss the early stages of a head lice infestation because they do not appreciate how small the actual head lice and nits can be. For instance, a newly hatched head lice nymph is less than the size of a pin head.

In order to effectively identify the presence of head lice early, look carefully at the images of adult head lice, head lice nymphs and nit eggs.  See the images of head lice and nits here.

It is important to repeat all these head lice and nit treatment methods at least every 4 days for 2 weeks or longer if possible.  This is to ensure that any missed or newly hatched head lice are removed.